Trouser Guide

hazel walker


slim trouser guide laurie trousers
Slim fit trousers give a tight fitting. This fit follows the natural shape of the leg and is slim at the bottom. This tight fitted silhouette is very good for body shapes like the hourglass and the rectangle. This silhouette gives more shape to the rectangle and brings out the nice shape of the hourglass.


regular trouser guide laurie trousers
Regular fit is the most common fit. This fit is very classic. Not too tight, not too wide. This silhouette is good for all body shapes. This fit will give the body some shape without being too much.


Straight trouser guide laurie trousers
Straight fit trousers have more or less the same width from thigh to bottom. This loose fitted silhouette is good for the hourglass body shape or if you have broad shoulders. This will equalize the width of the shoulders. This silhouette is very good for the pearshape body. This will give balance to the hips.


Loose trouser guide Hazel Walker
Loose fit trousers have a loose fit on the hip and thigh. The bottom of the trousers is also wide to give the loose look. This silhouette is especialy good for the pear-shape body. This fit helps to equalize the body shape from hip and down.


Bootcut trouser guide hazel walker
Bootcut trousers have a little more width at the bottom compared to the width at the knee. This fit is perfect for all body shapes. It will help equalize the body shape whether or not you have wide shoulders, hips or thighs.